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Where's your RSS feed?
An RSS feed for this site would be incredibly high-volume. The best way to consume our tech news is to simply view the home page. However, if you'd like regular tech news topic updates, follow @TECHNOSPLODE on Twitter. While we're on the social topic, you can also chat with us and fellow news junkies.

What sources do you use for your tech news?
Tech news sources are hand-picked for their quality and regularity. Each link has its source cited for your convenience. You can also browse a list of our news sources.

Some sources appear more often than others. Why?
Our algorithm involves a complex system of weights that helps gauge the importance of a topic and ranks the articles on that topic.

How are the tech news topics selected and ranked?
Our algorithm distills article headlines to their most salient topic words then finds other articles on those topics. The most popular tech news topics "bubble up" to the home page.